03/02/18 21:53

Common misconceptions about VAT. Be aware!

Many smaller business owners are unaware of how VAT works, when they have to register, and the side effects of VAT Registration. Here is a handy tip list worth remembering.1. If your business sales currently exceeds £85,000 per annum, it ...

21/01/18 21:28

The Many Thresholds of Tax

A client recently asked me a straight forward question. "At what income do I, as a self employed person, start to pay tax?" he said. You would think, in our era of tech, travel and twitter, that there would a ...

17/12/17 21:52

HMRC 31 January 2018 - don't lose money on penalty costs!

OK, so you've left it all very late, and you haven't given your Accountant the books and records he has been shouting about for the last six months?He has had good reason to shout - you may not think it, ...

18/11/17 00:53


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