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15/07/18 15:58

Tax Scams and Tax Rogues......

In today's Tech world, where we both submit and receive so much information online, it's difficult to know what is genuine and what is not. Unfortunately, thieves and criminals have kept up with technology, but if you think you have been contacted by HMRC with the exciting news of a tax refund, take care and be aware of the following.
HMRC do not advise Tax Refunds by phone call, telling you that you are owed a refund whilst simultaneously asking for details of your bank account! It should be clear why the caller wants this, but my advice is to hang up. Similarly, HMRC will not be sending you a Text to report your tax refund, asking you to call them!
A genuine tax refund will be preceded by a Statement of Income or Refund due sent by post from HMRC. If you completed your bank account details on your Tax Return, assuming you submitted a Tax Return, they will refund it direct to your bank. If you appointed an accountant or tax agent, and you authorised the Refund to be paid to their clients account, that's where it will go. Otherwise, the vast majority of Refunds will be issued by a cheque - following the issue of the above Statement - to the address held by them supplied either from your employer on RTI PAYE Returns or from you as per your Tax Return. All of this is based on identification of your National Insurance number and/or Unique Tax Reference number. So, panic not, a genuine Tax Refund will go to you.
Finally, if you have an accountant, just check with him or her if you are due a tax refund in the first place!
Tax Scams and Tax Rogues......

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Written by: Norman Elliott FCA
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