25/11/18 21:25

Fixing a System that was not broken.

The VAT system was not broken. It was a well understood process, with Returns submitted online on HMRC's simple portal. Whether by the influence of IT bookkeeping vendors, or misguided thinking within HMRC, this system is to be removed and ...

05/11/18 10:05

Budget Summary 2018

This year's Budget was relatively calm, with few big policy or technical changes, but the Chancellor did improve the Personal Allowance and widen the Basic Rate Band. Details are here

01/10/18 15:25

Tax is about the Law, not Morals

A recent heated discussion with friends focussed on the relative morality of tax "avoidance". Just to be clear on the legal position - tax "evasion" is illegal. If you have income that is subject to the required payment of tax ...

08/08/18 10:34

Making Tax Digital for VAT - More change! - April 2019

"It's life Jim but not as we know it", said Dr McCoy to Captain Kirk in Star Trek. Well, VAT registered businesses are about to experience Life as they've not previously known. On 13 July 2018, HMRC quietly published VAT ...