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23/04/18 17:00

Subcontractor Season in Full Swing

Calling all CIS Subcontractors - there is probably a tax refund waiting for you. Today we received our first batch of tax refunds for those subcontractors who have been quick off the mark. They supplied us with their CIS Vouchers, ...

06/04/18 08:51

Tax Year 2017-18 ended yesterday - you may be due a Tax Refund. Why wait? Act now..

For accountants, 6 April 2018 marks not only the start of a new year, more importantly, it signals the completion of the former year 2017-18. We can now begin to complete and submit 2018 Tax Returns. Why would you want ...

21/03/18 21:15

SIPP your way to enhanced savings

As we approach the end of the tax year on 5 April, I know many of you in business are thinking of what you can do to minimise your tax liability for 2017-18. There is a limit to how many ...

17/02/18 18:25

Pre Tax Year End Review

How many times in business have you waited until your financial year had ended, sent your records to your accountants, only to subsequently find out that you had a much better year than you expected, and that you have a ...

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